Content Management

What is Content Management?

Content management deals with the crafting of site promotions, emails, newsletters and online outreach campaigns. It is a service responsible for the management of web contents so as to regulate them to an approved standard.

It also offers the services of creating online directories to store valuable documents (hard and soft copies) online in sky and cloud drives, and retrieve them when needed.

Our Content Management Services

Social Profile Management

Social Media Management involves creating, management and monitoring of web pages and social profile pages;

  • We increase number of targeted fans
  • We monitor engagements (i.e. likes, comments and spams) on your page.
  • We upload engaging images and posts relating to your business to keep your audience engaged and updated on information about your business.

Online Files Management

Online files management service involves uploading, monitoring and protecting rights of file usage online. We make an online inventory of all your soft copies and wares and make sure that these files are always available when needed.

Fresh Media Nigeria also manages file downloads; we upload your files to different download mirrors and monitor download rates and which external links are bringing in more downloads so as to recommend them for promotion.