FAQs – Website Development

Delivery day is something that we can come to an agreement on. If you have a deadline you have to meet then we will venture to meet up with it. However, we might not reach it when things like content aren’t given to us on time when we ask for them. However, we usually work within a time frame of 14 working days for most sites.

Any website developed by Fresh Media gets full support. We’re all about working with you so we offer website maintenance, content management and edition, promotional services, domain registration, WhoIs guard, site traffic monitoring and the like. We have your back.

Please visit this page to walk you through how to supply content.

No. Meeting with you just makes it much easier to gloss over and fine tune details. In cases where we don’t meet face-to-face, email, phone calls, texts and/or chats can suffice. We show you suggestions from other companies (or if you wish, you give us suggestions) so we know what kind of website you desire.

We create websites with amenability towards search engine guidelines. We understand that ranking is important to you and so we work towards that. It’s important to note that search engines change rules and algorithms now and then, therefore it’s important to check that your website keeps up to date.

Mostly good, actually. There’s a possibility that what one visitor sees is different from what another sees, which in turn is different from what you see. This has to do with the conditions at hand e.g. the browser being used, screen resolution settings, individual computer settings, device used etc. With all that in mind, we test created websites on smartphones, tablets and laptops to guarantee a high level of stability and functionality. Keep in mind that as technology advances, things can change and your website may need some tweaking.

Well, this greatly depends on the kind of website you have. Simple websites like blogs or personal websites usually have a few pages with pictures available. Other sites, however, like e-commerce websites, deal with ever changing variables and addition of new items; this means a frequent input of data and information. We provide Online Content Management that can ease the load off your back with regards to constantly (or infrequently as the case may be) updating your site. However, if you do wish to update the site on your own, then we can provide the means for you to do so. We can train you on how to update your own site if you are not well versatile with the know-hows. We can also provide you with certain functionality features on your site that will make modifying, uploading and updating information a much easier process for you.

That is not something that can be guaranteed. Nothing is 100%, as the world would have it, and so servers and hosts tend to go down. Nevertheless, we work with servers that have amazing speeds and a supremely high level of uptime; meaning you don’t have to worry yourself about your site being accessible. In case of server issues, we have backups that can be implemented to deal with such issues.

Very much yes! We provide you with custom email addresses for your website, and the amount you get depends on the website package you paid for. Also, the structure of your custom email is yours to decide (e.g. yourname@yourcompany.com)

Indeed you do. We provide you with everything needed for the complete creation of your website;

  • Domain registration
  • Website design and development
  • Web hosting
  • Email accounts creation
  • Support

Simple answer? Yes you do. We provide ways to track the traffic that flows to your site, which pages the visitors checked out, the search engines/terms used, what phrases are used and so on. All these can work as useful titbits for future marketing campaigns.

We provide you with tutorials if you wish to handle the system on your own. Depending on your package we can allocate a few hours a day to bringing you up to speed on how things work. A manual can be made and sent to you if you would wish to own one as well.